Transform Dialog

This dialog is available in the font, outline and metrics views. In the font view it applies to all selected characters. In the outline view if there is a selection then it applies to that. if there is no selection then it applies to the entire character.

You may choose whether you want the transformation to be centered at the character's origin, the center of the selection (or of the character as a whole if there is no selection), or the location of the last point on which you clicked the mouse.

You may apply several different transformations at once:

Do Nothing
A very simple transformation.
You may more the selection an arbitrary amount in the x and y directions
You may rotate the selection an arbitrary number of degrees.
You may scale the two coordinates differently
Scale Uniformly
You may scale the two coordinates the same amount (which can of course be done above, but it's slightly easier only to set one number).
You may flip either horizontally or vertically
You may skew the selection a certain number of degrees (to create an oblique font for example).

If you are in the font view, and if Copy From is set to all fonts, then the transformation will also be applied to the bitmaps. Not all of these transforms can be mapped to ones on the bitmap font (arbitrary rotations, scales, etc. do not map). Only rotations by 90 degrees, flips, skews and moves will be approximated on the bitmap characters.

If you are in the font view or the outline view and there is no selection (and you are in the foreground) there is a "[] Transform Background Too" check box. If you check this then anything in the background will be transformed with the foreground.

If you check [] Round to Int then after the transformation has been applied everything will be rounded to an integer value.

Transformations in the Outline character view are not applied to any bitmaps. (Nor are transformations in the bitmap window mapped back to the outline).

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