PfaEdit can be localized with different message strings for different languages.

I have created an incomplete (and probably wrong in many places) french version.

PfaEdit will detect if the LANG variable is set at start up and if so will try to find an appropriate .ui file. You may also set the language file directly from the preference dialog (if you do this the LANG variable will not be examined).

PfaEdit has UI translations to Japanese, French, Italian and Russian (for which I am indebted to KANOU Hiroki, Pierre Hanser, Claudio Beccari and Valek Filippov respectively). If you want to work on another language then...

Take the file nomen.en.c and save it as nomen.<your language code>.c, then edit it and translate as many of the strings as you want to (remove the ones you don't translate). When you are done run makenomenh and it should create a file pfaedit.<your language code>.ui. If this is placed in the same directory as pfaedit then it should be found at start up. If you send me a copy of it, I'll include it in the distribution.

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