Files used by PfaEdit

PfaEdit creates this directory the first time it starts up. It contains various files PfaEdit uses to hold context across invocations.
This file contains user preference settings.
If there are any user defined encodings they reside in this file.
This directory contains the files used to drive the crash-recovery process. When PfaEdit is running there will be one file in this directory corresponding to each font loaded into PfaEdit that has been modified. These files will contain all changed characters.

When PfaEdit exits normally, this directory will be cleaned up and there should be no files in it.

/usr/local/share -- Assuming you installed PfaEdit on /usr/local, otherwise substitute $PREFIX/share for "/usr/local/share" in the following.
These files contain translations of the ui for various locales.
"Encoding" files for Adobe's cid formats. You can pull down a compressed archive from here.
Optional location for online documentation. You can pull down a compressed archive from here.

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